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Inability – the idea on which the word “cannot” is based – arises from a concept which has multiple synonyms: limitations, constraints, impediments, hindrances. All these somehow fix us within restricted boundaries. Barb-wired borders get created in the human mind, and we begin convincing ourselves falsely that we “cannot”.

At No Borders Consultancy (NBC), we believe in the human capacity to erase these borders – wherever they exist, whatever they may be. NBC is a unique consultancy firm based on the path-breaking research concept of Multidisciplinary Incorporations – an idea that promotes the notion of “possibilities” as against margins, divisions, partitions, exclusions. Thus, NBC envisions to abolish the various and unlimited constraints towards the success of its clients, because even constraints do not have borders! At this initial stage, NBC  can assist in removing the following boundaries:

Throwing Caps

Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications often restrict one on the path of professional success. Be it a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s, NBC can help you achieve it easily, even as you are employed or engaged with other work. An important border we aim to erase, then, is the one that segregates people based on degrees, because we understand that knowledge does not only come from schools and a fixed number of years spent enrolled in a college.

Passport Covers

Immigration Consultancy

Immigration Consultancy for student visas, permanent residencies, visitor’s visas, work visas, medical visas, etc. for all the countries in the world. We think of the world as one unit, and the political-geographical boundaries should not stop one from flying high. The quality of our consultancy is unique and not offered ordinarily at other consultancies. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Admissions Consultancy and assistance for entry into renowned universities across the globe like Stanford, Harvard, UTM, McGill, etc.

  • Consultancy for applications to fellowships like Fulbright, Rotary Peace, DAAD, Erasmus Mundus and others

  • Immigration Consultancy for all types of Visas across the globe

Image by Jared Rice

Mental and Psychological Advancement

Mental and Psychological Advancement: In times of distractions and low attention span, No Borders Consultancy professionals have developed a unique 1-week programme which can help improve concentration and increase the attention span amongst all age groups. This is based on techniques of psychotherapy and mediation. We often hear people saying that they are victims of their psyches, victims of their mental states, and therefore they are unable to progress. NBC helps to erase this limitation too.

Image by Rohan Makhecha

Soft Skills and Personality development training

Soft Skills and Personality development training: Professionals provide customized programs to different kind of audiences ranging from a field worker to a CEO. We have a programme for learners of all types of professions, vocations, jobs. Self-growth has no limits. Any border that restrains growth and progress, including even one’s own personality build-up, should be, and can be, erased!


Holistic Career Development

  • Holistic Career Development: We offer something that other consultancies seem to lack – personal attention and time. At NBC, we believe that each individual is different, unique, and cannot be placed in a categorised section – whether it is at universities or professions or even in Life! Therefore, we offer detailed dialogue, personal discussions of your aims and dreams, and multiple options that you could choose from. Through Counselling, Placement Support & Consultancy based on Psychometric tests, Industry Analysis and Futuristic trends, we provide consultancy with concrete action plans and regular follow-ups. In this way, we intend to break your professional and financial boundaries so that you may grow.

Business Team

Entrepreneurship Consultancy services 

  • Entrepreneurship Consultancy services:  We have often observed that strategic, financial, operational and legal problems prohibit the progress of organizations and entrepreneurs. This is especially true for development sector organisations, MSMEs, educational institutes, Social Enterprises and Start-ups. NBC helps troubleshoot these and other problems through creative, out-of-the-box thinking, providing practical action plans with regular follow-ups. Some more borders erased!

No Borders Consultancy values equity and equality in every area, including client fees. Nobody should be restricted from quality services just because they cannot afford them or because of information asymmetry. Information asymmetry and economic inequality are borders, limitations, impediments. We aim to erase these, which is why our all services are less expensive than our market competitors. We value YOU more than greed of profits.

At No Borders Consultancy, we believe in one world where all beings are free and peaceful. The Founder and Chief Consultant, Sameer, is a development professional and a conflict-and-peace-studies researcher. His passion and lifelong ambition is to work towards conflict resolution and Peace-building. The vision of NBC is to have no violent conflict in our world. We will soon be expanding operations in different conflict zones!

“Just as 

An eye beholds dreams,

A Tear holds oceans,

A sword contains an army,

A Seed holds within itself a vast Jungle”

-Ancient Indian saying

हर एक आँख में कई सपने होते  है,

हर आंसू में एक समुंद्र होता है,

हर तलवार में एक सेना छुपी होती है,

उसी तरह ही बीज में एक जंगल छुपा होता है | 

- प्राचीन कहावत

Our consultancy firm holds a revolution in itself.

About Our Logo

The NBC Logo has been created by a budding artist, Ethan Dsouza, with much thought and depth. Consider the following things about our logo:

  • The globe is placed at an angle, which has same degree of tilt as Planet Earth

  • The colours used are Earth colours, similar to a view of the earth from outer space

  • The semi-spherical globe represents the idea that it is up to us to complete it

  • The colours and the connection of the logo with the natural world indicates our belief in environmental and human sustainability

  • Circles represent an absence of rigidity and fixedness. This is connected with our focus on multidisciplinary approaches.

  • Circles also represent boundaries, but the border in them are overlapping and flexible, which is the approach of No Borders Consultancy.

If you like Ethan’s design, you may visit his website:

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