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Mindfulness & Career Development

Pragya. To ignite enlightenment. All enlightenment begins with an awareness, a mindfulness, a consciousness.

The most difficult boundaries we could ever encounter come on the path of self-realization.


Since we are all learners in this field, we can offer no expertise ourselves here, but we would enjoy walking together with you on the path towards self-awareness. Therefore, we would facilitate overcoming the boundaries that limit the self in various ways. Some of the common hurdles on the path of awareness are low levels of concentration, not knowing your inner self, difficulty in making choices, unfamiliar with your hidden aptitudes and talents, etc.


We could help you to overcome these boundaries on the path of sentience and self-knowing through the following services:

Image by Dingzeyu Li

Mindfulness Training

Are you interested in improvising the learning of your children, your students, your staff, your peers? How significant is their attentional stability to you? Are you aware of the importance and relevance of the ability to learn in human life? What are the aspects that hinder learning?

Through our Mindfulness Training, we can aid in improving the attention span of youngsters and learners through

  • Meditation

  • Focus techniques

  • Breathing exercises

  • Music and art therapy

This training runs across all ages, and is compiled in a one-week programme.

The fees for this training programme is Rs. 5000/participant. (Negotiable based on number of participants)

Soft-skills Training

Image by Charles Deluvio

Soft-skills are emerging as the most relevant and important skills in our world, for both employers and employees, learners and teachers, trainers and trainees. A lack of soft-skills can often be a drawback on the path of success, even though one may have all the possible qualifications and degrees.

NBC facilitates training to enhance different soft skills like

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Public speaking

  • Teamwork

  • Presentation skills

  • Personality development

  • Interview skills

This is done through a case-to-case developed programme, depending on the clients and the size of the group. We bring you experts in communication, relationship psychology, body language, human resources etc., enabling to bring out the best within you.

Psychologist Session

Career Counselling

Often, the most difficult part of a career is the beginning. The dilemma of choice, the confusion of not knowing the future, and being ignorant of market/industry trends can make most career beginnings difficult and daunting.

NBC can help you in these ways:

  • First, to find out your aptitude and inclination through psychometric tests.

  • Secondly, we can help you choose a career path that you like through the consideration of your skills and talents as realized in the tests.

  • Thirdly, we can show you market trends of possible earnings in the careers you consider by studying the growth analyses of the present and the future in different sectors.

  • Finally, we can also help you to find out what the world needs, how your career could help in making the world a better place, because it is only this that can bring job-satisfaction.

Thus, NBC helps in finding your Ikigai (a Japanese concept that loosely translates into “Reason for Living”).


The fees for this counselling is Rs.2500/  participant.

Career Development

Image by Razvan Chisu

Even if you have already secured a job or are employed already, you can still develop yourself further. Complacency and stagnation are often huge impediments on the path of growth.

NBC provides you services for career development, whether you are an employee or an employer. We help shake out the stalemate and immobility in individuals as well as in organizations. Our services include:

  • Placements for different kinds of jobs

  • Interview skills

  • Preparing and developing your CV

  • Assistance in academic development, research, fellowships and doctoral programmes, etc.

The Death of Socrates

The Death of Socrates by Jacques Louis David. Oil on Canvas.  51 x 77 1/4 in

Philosophy Lab

This is one of our most unique services. Do you have an idea that you need to have an objective opinion about? Or are you confused about the pros and cons of a choice that you need to make, and would like to discuss it with a neutral person? Do you like to debate or dialogue philosophical concepts? Or think of a perspective for a research paper? Come to our Philosophy Lab with it!

At Philosophy Lab, we offer space and time for diverse philosophical, enlightening discussions. We love to discuss and talk too at NBC, and therefore this is a Lab that we would love to be present at!

So, come! Brainstorm with us. Use us as a sounding board to consider the craziest ideas you could have. Ideate with experts and specialists.

The first three sessions of these discussions are free for you and a group of five. The subsequent sessions are charged at an hourly rate of Rs. 1500 per hour.

Any ideas generated during these sessions will be entirely yours, to be used in any way you wish to. This is an ideal platform for those who want to write research papers, think of new ideas, author books, consider start-ups, make choices, need a listener etc.

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