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The Team

Founder & Chief Consultant
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Bhavesh Gandhi

Sameer's primary belief is in a peaceful, borderless world. This consultancy is the first step towards his dream of working towards bringing about world peace.
His dream is highly inspired by various figures, across different time spans and realms: Gandhiji, the Buddha, Paulo Freire, Bhagat Singh, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Alan Turing, Michel Foucault, Sigmund Freud, even Sherlock Holmes and Harry Porter! He lives his life based on a philosophy of multiplicity and transdisciplinarity, not simply in academics and professions, but also in belief systems, socio-cultural aspects, and comprehensive plural thought, thus laying a strong emphasis on Humanity.

As a young development professional and an ardent peace researcher, Sameer has a transdisciplinary academic background. With a post-graduation in Development Studies from EDII, and a bachelors from HA College of Commerce, Sameer is equipped to handle all the four P's of this consultancy, and more.
His exposure in sectors of Higher Education, Livelihoods, Policy Research, Peace and Conflict, and others, make him well-versed with the ways of Entrepreneurship, business, pedagogy,  research, governance, immigration, training and human psychology. Additionally, he has travelled across 11 States of India.

His hobbies are trying out new things and engaging in dialogues of Critical Thought, making him his own biggest critic, and his mind is his greatest strength.

Mr Gandhi is a Reflective Practices Coach. His participants range from individuals to families to organizations. His coaching helps instill the values of  Confidence, Clarity and Freedom in his clients. 

He has also been a Youth Mentor to some leading fellowship programmes in India.

His engagement and deep involvement with organisations like Moved By Love, Gandhi Ashram, SwGyan, SevaCafe, Swaraj, Shikshantar, and others, makes him charged with values of Satya-agraha, Love and Compassion.

His result-oriented and value-based approach to coaching benefits individual and  organizational health, enhances connections internally and externally, and facilitates collaborative spaces and dynamic governance.

Bhavesh enjoys having deep, philosophical conversations, while, engaging in community service and activities at the same time. He meditates regularly, and is also exploring his acting talent. These things make him a very understanding and people-oriented person.

Jaini Morakhiya
Chief Operations Officer

"Knowledge is all around, not just in the classroom. So, I will remain a student all my life," states Jaini.  She began as an ordinary commerce student, but what pushed her out of the ordinary mould was the faith of her family, friends and mentors. It was this faith that emboldened her to overstep her bounds. It fuelled her so much that today she proudly claims to have managed big events and activities at school and college, along with being awarded the title of Student of The Year for overall excellence in academics and student activities. She is a person who is unafraid to make mistakes, because of her belief that she can, and will, learn from them.


With every new experience, she takes steps upward on the ladder of learning. Thus, she has handled the many professional challenges that came her way, and have now made herself computer savvy, with well developed professional and technical skills. 

She is the perfect example of growth through self-learning, step by step.

Jaini is a professional mehndi artist and very good at drawing. The art in her mindset makes her a sensitive, caring human being.

The Network

We have an efficient network of over fifteen expert professionals. Some of these are experienced seniors who function as our advisors. They offer premium services at affordable rates for the projects they receive through us. Their profiles will be updated here soon. Others are working professionals, already employed in the areas of their expertise. These include Designers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Secretaries, MBA faculty, Communication Experts, Development Professionals and others. All these professionals give us priority preference in the services we require from them. 

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