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Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Paraamarsh is the Hindi term for advisory consultation. Human life, following the industrial revolution, has moved away from ancestral trades or crafts, joint families, fixed locations, and life-long occupations, to entrepreneurial mindsets, nuclear families, locational mobility, and fast-changing professions.  The ease of stagnancy has now emerged into welcome challenges of progress and change.  

However, since everyone simply cannot know everything, there are often strategic, financial, technological, marketing, legal and other constraints on the path of change. These become limitations in growth, or sometimes, even threaten the survival of several entrepreneurs, business persons, and social change-makers. It is not only fledgling companies or small enterprises that face these problems. Since Change and Adaptation are essential in the survival of any organization, even big firms and large corporates face these challenges. But unlike small scale organizations, big companies have highly qualified in-house personnel to resolve these matters. Though, sometimes, an objective third-person view is required even in these large organizations.


We have observed that there are not many intelligent and intellectual consultants available for small entrepreneurs, unconventional start-ups, MSME owners, social entrepreneurs, grassroots innovators. Those available, either charge heavily or provide blanket, text-book solutions based on theory and ideal circumstances.

At NBC, we first take time to understand you and your enterprise, before we offer street-smart, individualized and practical answers. Just like human life, human commerce is also a complex network of ideas and activities. We believe that there cannot be generalized, sweeping solutions for all problems.

Why our Services?

  • We have a network of qualified professionals who are passionate about solving your problems. They take their time to gain contextual understanding of your specific issue/s, and then offer solutions.



  • All services are provided at affordable and reasonable rates. Our fees for these services are charged on case-to-case basis.



  • We are a one-stop solution for all your diverse problems across all aspects of business, commerce and enterprise.



Often there is no clearly defined strategy in MSMEs, Grassroot Enterprises, Social Enterprises and start-ups, or the strategy does not meet the reality of these organizations. This leads to stunted growth and often premature closure.

  • We help you define your strategy using developed and pertinent concepts that come out of understanding expert strategists like Michael Porter, Jim Collins, Raj Shankar and many others, keeping in mind your particular organization.

  • We help in realigning your strategy to suit your reality

  • Some decision/s can change your business drastically in the long term. We help you make strategic decision/s based on the right combination of objectivity and motivation

Image by Randy Fath
Image by You X Ventures

Organisational Development

We offer value-centred consultancy for the development of your organization. We understand that there are areas in the business where you, as the entrepreneur, are highly capable while other areas need support. Seeking support is NOT a lack, nor does it imply an underestimation of the SELF. It is, in fact, growing on the path of awareness and realization, when you come to know that you need assistance.

  • We are equipped with variety of well-proven tools and techniques. Our wide spectrum of coaching services begins with simple workshop sessions on soft skills, stress and time managements, team-building etc. so as to create future-ready human resources, going on to cover areas such as collaborative space facilitation, dynamic governance model implementation, process re-engineering, and others.

  • Our services can help reduce employee turnover, help increase the productivity of yourself and your staff, help foster a healthier and happier work environment.

  • We also provide recruitment and appraisal services

Financial Management

Even though MSMEs, Grassroot innovators, Social enterprises etc. have scarce finances, we have observed that do very little about their financial management. Either large amounts of money are left unused for long periods, or it is all invested collectively in one place, and has no liquidity when needed.

  • We help you choose the right methods of investment indicating specific action points so as to give you optimal gains

  • We help you secure funding from conventional and non-conventional sources, and provide complete financial planning

Computer with Graph
Image by Christopher Burns


MSMEs, Grassroot innovators, Social enterprises etc. do not always hire qualified engineers or designers for their production issues.

  • We help you choose and deign good production layouts and solve problems using lean management concepts.

  • We help you procure customised machines suitable for your business. For instance, if your requirement is for a 5hp machine, you do not need to buy a 20hp one. We could even get it made for you with your specifications at affordable rates.

  • NBC has experts in the field of automation as well, who can help you design appropriate automation for your business.

  • ICT is the most significant aspect of a business today. Only a few businesses make the maximum use of it. We can help you develop your website, and get you other technological solutions for your business at affordable rates

Business Development and Marketing

Business Development and Marketing are the skeletons of any enterprise. We understand that every businessperson may not be an expert developer or a marketer. Come to us to help you develop marketing and business development strategies for your business.

  • We help you explore new markets so as to widen your scope of business

  • We provide designing and brand management consultancy, including brand building, brand makeover, brand identity transformation, etc.

  • In a highly digitalized world, we can help you go digital! We can create your digital identity and enable your digital marketing strategies

  • We can help you establish and/or strengthening customer relationship channels

Business Team
Reviewing the Law

Legal Services

Long, complicated judiciary processes and legalities are the biggest hinderances to any organization, especially in the initial phase. We aim to erase these hinderances through expert legal experts at highly affordable rates through our assistance in:

  • Registrations as MSME, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Company, Section 8 Company, Trust or Society

  • All financial and other compliances

  • Obtaining GST, 80D or any other licenses

  • FCRA support

  • Fighting lawsuits

Stakeholders Engagement

Community engagement is one of the key challenges for enterprises in the development sector. We help you build up your engagement with stakeholders through collaborations, strategy, training, communication, streamlining networks and channels of engagement etc

Managing stakeholders is an important but difficult task. We can help corporates, bureaucrats, media etc in this crucial task.

Woman in a Field
Image by Mika Baumeister

New Enterprise Setup

Are you worried about starting a business even though you have a business idea, but you are not from a business family? Or because you do not know the essentials of a business setup? Or because you do not have an educational background in commerce? Come to us! We provide a one-stop solution for setting up your enterprise, offering our assistance at every step:

  • Right form ideation of the enterprise to its launch

  • Complete mentoring support during the starting up phase

  • All the above-mentioned services are also included

Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship is trending globally. We need to foster an environment that promotes entrepreneurship and remove the barriers that obstruct entrepreneurship in the educational sector. For this, we provide the following services:

  • Incubation centre setup: We can help educational institutions set up incubation centres and run them efficiently.

  • Syllabus design: Our consultants are entrepreneurship and development studies professionals. We can design syllabi for courses related to entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovation, design thinking, and many others.

  • Workshops and conferences: We can also organize interactive sessions, hackathons, conferences and workshops for those who wish to learn entrepreneurship.

Technology Class
Jugaad photo2.jpg


“Jugaad”: the local term implying ‘making things work’.

The Jugaad innovation service provided by NBC is a need-based service offering  innovative and creative solutions for any problem at all! If you find yourself in a professional dilemma, a household (HUF) hitch , a supply problem, a red-tape bureaucratic complication, a financial obstacle, or an ethical dichotomy, come to us, and we will manage! We will, to translate directly, do the jugaad and resolve your issue in the best way! We offer skillful, ethical as well as resourceful solutions to the diverse needs of the businesses and individuals. Instead of draining your time and resources, come to NBC! We can help you not only to solve the problem on hand, but also to do some good together with the solution. NBC can cater to all your needs, which an ordinary service provider or even global business directories on Google cannot cater to.

The scope of our services:

  • Procurement of goods which are rarely used

  • Auxiliary HR services: Providing Public Relations, guidance for organising events, occasional gifting ideas, conducting donation drives, etc.

  • Mediating quarrels or arguments

  • Filling in for lacking supplies or services

  • Helping you decide what’s the best course of action for you professionally and personally

  • Any other need which may occur to you but you cannot find a solution for

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