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Pardesh. The Hindi expression for a foreign land.

A change in geography is often associated with curiosity and opportunity. Unfortunately, these human urges are bound up and restricted by political boundaries. Conditions of economic viability, security concerns, nationalism, and territorialism are human-made restrictions on the path of achieving one's dreams. Birth and parental location involuntarily decide one's nationality, which eventually becomes a fixed and often a discriminatory label. 

At NBC, we aim to erase these borders. We believe in creating free human beings, just like the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, the gust of wind, the flow of the rivers. 

The services provided by NBC include the following:

  • Visas: Travel, Study, Professional, Residential, Medical, any other

  • Counselling: Psychometric tests to understand aptitude, identifying universities according to the needs and specifications of the student, advising about job profiles and opportunities for those seeking PR, practice sessions for interviews for visas, jobs, etc. 

  • Bookings: Flight bookings, hotel bookings, travel plans, all road, air and sea travel at the best rates

  • Forex: Making arrangements for foreign exchange with competitive rates

Why would you choose the Immigration services of NBC?

  • Efficient, knowledgeable and qualified consultants who update themselves regularly with the frequent changes in various Immigration Laws. This ensures that you will not be misled or misguided.
  • We believe that honesty is the best policy. So, we do not hide facts or gloss over the real picture to make it appear appealing to you. We will tell you the truth from day one. Period. Our business is built on facts and frank openness, not on the profit motive.    
  • At NBC, we charge about 50-60% less fees than those charged in the market.
  • We do not promote the “bakra system” prevalent in market. We do not want you to be stuck in a position that makes you feel helpless or unable to leave us if you so wish. This is why you pay only 20% of the total fee at the time of registering with us, and the remaining 80% after the application and approval.
  • NBC is a one-stop solution for all services related to immigration, foreign travel, and foreign education. From Career Counselling, to Passport applications, Visa applications, compilation of documents, scheduling various appointments, right up to ticket and hotel bookings, we do it all for you!
  • Our consultants are specialists in rejected and misguided cases. If you have been rejected for a visa or admission, if you have been misguided and left hanging by other agencies in the market, if you have confused circumstances for traveling abroad, come to us!  We promise to eliminate all the constraints in your plans!
  • We provide services for all the 195 nations on the planet.
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College Students

student visa

  • Career Counselling: Through the use of Psychometric tests to understand the student’s aptitude, we help you make the choice of a suitable line of study. Then, we help in identifying universities according to the needs and specifications of the student. We recommend universities based on these criteria unlike other consultants who recommend universities based on the commission they receive. For us, YOU come first. Always.

  • Applications to Universities or College: We have consultants to guide you through the entire application process, beginning with filling the application form, to writing your SOPs, facilitating communication with universities, and ending in processing your international payments for application fees.

  • Premium Services: Students interested in studying at high-ranking universities across the globe like Stanford, Harvard, UTM, McGill, Kent, Aalto etc. can avail of our premium services. These include more time in consultancy, more time to assist in the admission processes and more personalized services, over and above the regular services we provide. We also provide consultancy for applications to fellowships like Fulbright, Rotary Peace, DAAD, Erasmus Mundus and others.

  • Complete visa-application process: Most agencies work for visas in a wholesale, mass application manner. At NBC, we believe in personalized services, because all individuals are different, and therefore all applications are also going to be distinct. So, we promise to make sure that all documents and other compliances are suitable to YOU and to your circumstances. We provide at least 3 practice sessions for visa interviews.

  • Auxiliary services: Traveling abroad is not only about visas and admissions. We provide a range of auxiliary services like advice on FOREX, booking tickets, hotels, recommending a quality tutor for language exams, International courier services, Education Loan guidance, or any odd requirements that arises in your travel plans.

  • Fees: INR 15,000 (5000 at booking, 5000 after admissions & 5000 after visa process)

  • INR 10,000 if you take admission in universities where we have collaborations. (5000 at booking, 5000 after admissions & visa process)

Permanent Residency / Work Visa

  • Career Counselling: Through the use of Psychometric tests to understand the individual’s aptitude, we help you make the choice of a suitable professional career. Then, we help in identifying job opportunities according to your needs and specifications. We help create career profiles online, and guide you in your job application process. Practice sessions for your job interviews are also conducted by us. And, remember, we also care what happens to you after you migrate!

  • Visa Application Process: NBC will assist you in executing the entire application process. This includes help in compiling educational, professional and financial documents required for the application.

  • Specialization: We are specialists in consultancy for residency at Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Our services range for countries all over the globe.

  • Complete handholding support till you migrate: We understand how difficult it is to erase geographical and professional borders. We are here to hold your hand throughout the process, including but not limited to advice on FOREX, booking tickets, hotels, recommending quality tutor for language exams, International courier services, and Loan advice or any odd requirements that arises in your migration plans.

  • Fees: INR 35,000/person (5000 at booking, 15,000 after visa application & 15,000 after visa approval)

Giving a Presentation
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  • Application for tourist visas: We will aid you in the compilation of financial and other documents in a way that eliminates the chances of rejection

  • Specialists for previously rejected US B1/B2 visa or Schengen Visas: We provide services for all countries in the world that have provisions of a visitor’s visa. 

  • Passport applications

  • Multiple mock interviews

  • Partnerships with leading tourism companies for attractive tourism packages for hassle-free travel.

  • Fees: INR 5,000/person (500 at booking and 4,500 after visa process)

Other Visas

We provide complete support for all other types of visas like:

  • Medical Visa

  • Refugee Visa

  • Political Asylum

  • Diplomat Visas (G4 and others)

  • OCI Card, Green Card etc.


Fees for the consultancy for these visas are charged on a case-to-case basis.

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Entrepreneur Visa

  • Assistance in identifying the right investment and immigration avenue suitable for you

  • Premium fast track service for application processes

  • Making entire process hassle-free

  • Complete assistance in compilation of documents

  • Fees: INR 50,000/person (25,000 at booking and 25,000 after visa approval)

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