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Mindfulness & Career Development
  • Career Counselling

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  • Career Development

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  • Organisational Development

  • Financial Management

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  • Legal Services

  • Stakeholders Engagement

  • New Enterprise Setup

  • Entrepreneurship Education

  • Juggad (Innovation)


Praman Patra
Distance Learning
  • B.Com

  • BBA 

  • MBA (16 specializations)

  • BCA

  • MCA

  • BA

  • MA

  • B.Sc. 

  • M.Sc.


Inability – the idea on which the word “cannot” is based – arises from a concept which has multiple synonyms: limitations, constraints, impediments, hinderances. All these somehow fix us within restricted boundaries. Barb-wired borders get created in the human mind, and we begin convincing ourselves falsely that we “cannot”.

At No Borders Consultancy (NBC), we believe in the human capacity to erase these borders – wherever they exist, whatever they may be. NBC is a unique consultancy firm based on the path-breaking research concept of Multidisciplinary Incorporations – an idea that promotes the notion of “possibilities” as against margins, divisions, partitions, exclusions. Thus, NBC envisions to abolish the various and unlimited constraints towards the success of its clients, because even constraints do not have borders! At this initial stage, NBC  can assist in removing following boundaries:


NBC provides a great consultancy service, their team is truely dedicated to their work, they were always just a call away to answer my questions. They have helped me to get my student visa by working throughly on my file and also preparing me for the interviews. They have shown me the the right direction with their set of guidance and experience. I will highly reccomend NBC for the services they provide. Thank you team NBC😇

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A-316, Sakar 7, Ashram Road,

Nehru Bridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009,

+91 9313861276

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